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A Community is Born!

All through 2018 the process and operations evolved. Hundreds of coders signed up for the Aponitech community. Thousands of lines of code were written, re-written and polished.


So much to learn!

Volunteer developers from Aponitech take on new challenges and explore new technologies. Study groups covering Elixir, Python, Algorithms take shape and engage more and more community members.


The world got turned upside down!

We all suffered through a terrible ordeal. Businesses and nonprofits had to streamline operations and hold tight. Steadily, the stream of new projects dried up, and the ones the community was involved in got delivered and went into maintenance mode.



We are in the process of rebuilding the community and launching new initiatives to help our members grow. The commitment to Open Source and Open Development Process is what makes Aponitech unique. Our focus on Agile Methodologies and innovation makes us a perfect partner for your next software project.

Aponitech develops better software at lower cost to enable non-profits to be more effective and more efficient. . . .

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